We have 2 short workshop training running simultaneously; one being a 3-days long Acting and Modeling course and the other being a 5-days long digital film-making course.

( A ) Acting and Modeling workshop ( 3 days )

Day -1: Complete Introduction of Theater, Films and TV world. Basics of Film & TV production, Voice Culture, Spot Memory, Acting on Cue, Body Language, Emoting and dialogue delivery, Working with other actors, Improvisation, Understanding of Script, Basics of Camera Movement, Shots, Scenes, Knowledge of lighting and Makeup, Dressing, Characterization & Role Analysis, Rehearsals.

Day -2: Modeling for Ramp, Print shoot and TVCs, Tips for Dance movements and Fighting, Acting Practices in various moods, Anchoring and Programme hosting.

Day -3: Audition and Screen test techniques, How to approach yourself for Acting, Secrets of Film Industries, Photo and video shoot.

Note : Total No. of Sessions – 6 (3 Hours each session), 3 days. Free Photo and Video Session, Chance for Acting as per your performance in one short film/One Music Music Video /One Ad film for our internet channel, Certificate from IFTA, Book your seat in advance.

Workshop Fees – Rs. 18500/-

( B ) Advance Film Making Workshop ( 5 days )

Day -1: Imagination To Reality on Screen

1. Thought, Story, Screen Play and Dialogue.
2. Process of Film Making ( Pre to Post Work Flow )
3. Pre Production works ( Casting, Location Hunting, Shooting Scheduling )
4. Direction Dept. Works ( Shot Division, Script Break Down, Work Distribution )
5. Crew and Imp. Shooting Dept. ( Art and Setting, Production, Makeup and Hair, Costume and Styler, Spl. Effect, Lighting, Camera )
6. Selection of Equipments ( Camera, Sound Equip. , Lights , Spl Equipments )
7. On Location Problems and Solutions.

Day -2: Filming and Lighting

1. What and Why Digital Film Making.
2. Video Camera, DSLR and Digital Cine Camera
3. Basic and All necessary Functions of Digital Camera
4. Create Images with ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture
5. All types of Shots, Angles and Camera Movements.
6. Lighting Knowhow ( Indoor and Outdoor )
7. Name and works of Shooting Lights ( HMI, PAR, Solar, Baby, Kino, LED, Multi etc )
8. Creative Lighting and Shots.
9. Colour Temperature and its effects
10. Creating Depth and Cinematic looks
11. Studio and Field sound Recording techniques.

Day -3: Complete Post Production

1. Different File Formats for Shoot and Post works
2. About editing softwares ( Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Avid ) etc
3. Editing commands and tools
4. Editing Techniques.
5. Why and When Editing
6. Editing Errors.
7. Colour Grading and DI
8. VFX works through different Softwares.
9. VFX Supervision
10. Audio Dubbing.
11. Final Mastering for different Media ( Cinema , TV, Internet, Mobile and Home Videos )

Day -4: Film Releasing

1. Film Producing, Distributing and Exhibiting.
2. Censorship guidelines
3. cinematic laws
4. Film promotion techniques.
5. Film festivals and tips for participation.
6. Short film making and you-tube Monetization.
7. How to get investors for your dream project.

Day -5: Make your own film

1. Chose any one script
2. Casting and audition ( practical )
3. Crew selection
4. shoot the above film ( practical )
5. Edit and other post work ( practical )
6. Screening and review
7. Upload on youtube

Note : Total No. of Sessions – 10 (3 Hours each session), 5 days. Free Chance to make your own short film for our internet channel. Certificate from IFTA, Book your seat in advance.

Workshop Fees – Rs 22500/-

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