We provide research teams, conceivers, media planners, script and screen-play writers, Jingle & storyboard makers, music directors, Lyricists, DOPs, Art and Film Directors.

We provide pro-HD Cine cameras, Professional DSLRs, Canon 5D Mark III, 70D, Black Magic, Red Epic, Sony and JVC camcorders for professional video production work, Professional Shooting Lights, Cordless lapels and boom micas, On-line HD Multi-cam set-up with HD switching system.

Editing Serviceswith FCP-7 & FCP-X Editing tables with Editors
2D and 3D animation services ( 3DS Max , Maya ) , 3D Modelling and Rigging.
Complete VFX facilities ( Roto work and compositing with After Effect, Nuke etc )
Graphics Work ( Photoshop and illustrator )
Colour grading and DI ( DaVinci Resolve )
Audio Dubbing studio for film and television
Background Music creation
Jingle and Voiceover Recording
Multi Language Dubbing services ( all Indian and foreign languages )

We facilitate conversion into all formats like MOV, MP4, J2K, M4V, AVI, MPEG, JPG, Wave, MP3, Digital, etc for different platforms like TV, Cinema Halls, Internet, Mobile and others.